Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not closing in October, either.

So - we aren't closing in October at all.  Tell me if you were in our shoes would you really put up with this?  And wait?  Do you think that you would be a little irritated about this whole situation?  We made it VERY clear in email, on the phone, in person that we cannot close in November because we are getting married and will be out of the country.  We started this whole process back in March.  Broke ground in May.  This townhouse is taking Ryan Homes 6 months to finish.  We STILL do not have power.  We drove by the house the other night.  Some of the houses do have power.  But, not ours.  We were told our house was priority.  Doesn't look like that to us.  We don't have water, we JUST got gas this week...our island needs to be moved and our floors need to be fixed.  It's a very unfortunate situation and frankly, our friends and family that say "it'll be okay"...we wonder if that's what they would say if they were in our shoes.  They can't even tell us when we are going to close.  Absolutely ridiculous.