Friday, December 2, 2011

We're in!

I can't believe it, but we're actually in our house!  We thought for sure after all of the times we had delays that we wouldn't be closing yesterday...but we did!  It was a very smooth process, and we moved everything into our house yesterday too!  hahaha - we were not messing around, we've been waiting forever for this.  We are SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can you believe it??

We are closing - finally.  We got married on the 4th, honeymooned until the 23rd, had Thanksgiving and we are closing on Thursday.  November has been a WILD month to say the least, but I am so excited to finally get into our home and not worry about this any longer!  Just in time for my birthday which is this Saturday - we all know how that's going to be spent ;)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not closing in October, either.

So - we aren't closing in October at all.  Tell me if you were in our shoes would you really put up with this?  And wait?  Do you think that you would be a little irritated about this whole situation?  We made it VERY clear in email, on the phone, in person that we cannot close in November because we are getting married and will be out of the country.  We started this whole process back in March.  Broke ground in May.  This townhouse is taking Ryan Homes 6 months to finish.  We STILL do not have power.  We drove by the house the other night.  Some of the houses do have power.  But, not ours.  We were told our house was priority.  Doesn't look like that to us.  We don't have water, we JUST got gas this week...our island needs to be moved and our floors need to be fixed.  It's a very unfortunate situation and frankly, our friends and family that say "it'll be okay"...we wonder if that's what they would say if they were in our shoes.  They can't even tell us when we are going to close.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still no clue...

We still do not have an idea of when we are closing.  The PM called John yesterday and said he's still shooting for mid-Oct.  However, we don't have a settlement letter yet.  So, in my mind, we aren't closing mid October.  Our Sales Rep left the company.  We still do not have electricity.  And, now we might lose our interest rate that we locked in at.  So stressed about this whole situation.  If we don't close mid October, who knows when we will because we have our wedding the first week of November and then a two week long honeymoon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Better Now

So I decided to remove my recent post.  Initially, it was very frustrating to hear the news that we would be closing 3 months after the original settlement date.  We had to request and get approval on a late closing in September in order for us to even buy the home.  So, I'm sure some of you can imagine my frustration.  Days have gone by and I've calmed down.  We are going through with this and we're going to remain positive.  However, we are getting our own Home Inspector and we are getting a Mold Certification.  Apparently they put the hardwoods in the dining room on Saturday, we were locked out on Monday morning when we tried to see the house, and I'm pretty sure the sales office was closed.  Hopefully our appliances are in.  Who knows, maybe the power company will be able to get to us sooner than later and we will close earlier than we think.  I'm just still not really into the idea of moving 2 weeks before the wedding.  We have a lot of appointments and little odds and ends scheduled for those weekends, so it'll be extremely tough to move then.  Thanks for the support!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Feeling a little annoyed, so I just need to vent.  We were originally told that our house was supposed to be done in mid July.  That was fine with us, but only if we could close mid September.  They let us extend the closing date to seal the deal.  Perfect.  Well, when we went for our pre-drywall, our PM told us (mid July came and went) that they were looking around August 22nd for the house to be complete.  Okay, that's a month later than expected, that's still fine, because we still want to move in by Sept. 16th.  This will not be a problem per the PM at our pre-drywall meeting.  Well, it's now August 31st, and we have absolutely no idea when the house is going to actually be complete.  We still do not have electric, the deck is not complete, the lawn, the landscaping, they need to fix a chipped piece of concrete on the garage floor, the driveway needs to be done, we do not have our appliances yet, they still need to recarpet the basement that got flooded, put hardwood in the dining room, there is a cracked window in the master bedroom, and the phone lines still need to be done.  The electric isn't even coming until next week.  We don't even have a settlement letter letting us know what day we are closing, and if we are closing on Sept. 16th (like the PM says they are shooting for), when are we going to get that?  It just seems unfair to us because we need to coordinate our work schedules to get a day off for closing, and we need to rent a truck for moving our stuff.  It's two weeks away, and I feel like we've been forgotten about.  Did anybody else feel like this?  How in the world are they going to get all of the things done that they need to finish before Sept. 16th?  And, shouldn't we have our letter by now if they were honestly that confident in reaching that goal?  It really just amazes me that their first anticipated closing date was mid July, and now all of a sudden they are shooting for OUR intended closing date.  What about the other houses in our unit of townhouses?  It's just really, really annoying and we have a lot going on.  If they can't get this done by Sept. 16th, the time between closing and the wedding will just keep on shrinking and we'll both officially be "insane".