Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Siding, Stone & Shutters!

 Took a drive by the house tonight to show my Dad around.  Much to my surprise, we had this:

I LOVE IT!  We are supposed to have Colonial Red shutter and front door, but I am hoping they keep the current color on the shutters because I like them better LOL!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


From Foyer

1 Guest Room



Waterproofing the Window Frames

Our units together

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Selling lots of homes!

Flat Screen Cable Wires?

Family Room

Family Room w/Deck Door


Sorry it's sideways! hahah
We had our pre-drywall meeting on Friday the 15th.  It was a fairly quick meeting, going through the house, checking the framing, electric, and plumbing along with all of our lighting placements and fireplace, etc.  Everything was great.  We didn't have an issue on anything - except for the fact that our finished basement doesn't have a window in the main part of it.  However, when we went downstairs with the PM that was the first thing he addressed.  They are putting a window in, as they misrepresented this to all of our neighbors, including us.  Of course we noticed this about a week before the pre-drywall meeting (b/c we were in the house hehe) and we didn't say anything, because we were going to bring it up at the meeting.  It was great that we didn't even have to do that though, because it's already being taken care of!  We also learned from our PM that most of our neighbors are young couples or newlyweds with babies!  So exciting!!  Projected closing date is 8/19, however we won't be closing until 9/16.  We are going to do the closing walk through and all of that on 8/19 (if this is the definite closing date), so that when we close about a month later, all we need to do is sign some paperwork and get our keys!  It'll be easier for the PM too, so that he doesn't have to come back for all of that.  I can't WAIT!  I have gone furniture shopping, and got a living room set, a dining table and chairs, I need a hutch or buffet server still...some cute lamps, and some really nice glassware to display.  I just can't help myself!  My new favorite store is HomeGoods - I just cannot believe the deals that they have at all times!  I bought 4 upholstered dining chairs for $60/piece!  And, I want to get two more for each end of the table, but I want them to be a little different than the four on the sides.  It'll just add to the room :)  Here are some pics and a video from about 2 weeks ago, lol!  First time using the camera as a video camera, so please don't mind me going in all different directions, I have learned better since this! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi everyone!  I have pictures and a video to upload when I get home from work.  The whole house is framed, we have a roof, and on last Friday (7/1), our PM told us we would have our pre-drywall meeting in two weeks.  I am PRAYING that we can schedule it for 7/15 because my office is moving and we are CLOSED that day!!!!  If I don't have to take off of work, that'll be wonderful!  Anyway - I do have a question.  What color was your carpet that you chose (if you chose the Ryan selections and didn't upgrade) and was it too dark, too light, or just the color you thought it would turn out to be?  I am getting a little nervous that my choice is going to be too dark because my parent's house has a very light colored carpet.  Anybody want to share?  THANK YOU!! :)