Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi everyone!  I have pictures and a video to upload when I get home from work.  The whole house is framed, we have a roof, and on last Friday (7/1), our PM told us we would have our pre-drywall meeting in two weeks.  I am PRAYING that we can schedule it for 7/15 because my office is moving and we are CLOSED that day!!!!  If I don't have to take off of work, that'll be wonderful!  Anyway - I do have a question.  What color was your carpet that you chose (if you chose the Ryan selections and didn't upgrade) and was it too dark, too light, or just the color you thought it would turn out to be?  I am getting a little nervous that my choice is going to be too dark because my parent's house has a very light colored carpet.  Anybody want to share?  THANK YOU!! :)


  1. I can't help you out with what they look like because we are trailing you by about a week in the build process. I will include what we selected though:

    Family Room - Blissful 702 Fossil Rock - it is a little on the dark side and is a Level E carpet

    Upstairs and in Basement - Dream Run 00701 Adobe - it is lighter and is a Level C carpet.

  2. oh...and I almost forgot...congrats to you for being under roof...thats a big milestone...your home is now out of the elements. Can't wait to see the pictures and video.