Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Siding, Stone & Shutters!

 Took a drive by the house tonight to show my Dad around.  Much to my surprise, we had this:

I LOVE IT!  We are supposed to have Colonial Red shutter and front door, but I am hoping they keep the current color on the shutters because I like them better LOL!


  1. Are they even painted yet? I know they are changing the way the shutters come in...they used to come in grey and then would get painted as one of the last tasks. I think they were saying that they are now coming in painted and the PMs aren't sure they are going to like that...I could have this backwards...I forget.

    It does look great and I LOVE the placement of your fireplace...very nice focal point.

  2. LOL BD - They probably aren't painted! DUH! We will probably end up with the Colonial Red we were originally told. Oh well. I just liked how the grey shutters meshed with the grout on the garage. Thank you!!!

  3. Looks good!

    My shutters came in painted...but then again I was one of the last people to use the company before Ryan switched to the new one.

  4. Nice, everything is looking great!