Saturday, September 24, 2011

Still no clue...

We still do not have an idea of when we are closing.  The PM called John yesterday and said he's still shooting for mid-Oct.  However, we don't have a settlement letter yet.  So, in my mind, we aren't closing mid October.  Our Sales Rep left the company.  We still do not have electricity.  And, now we might lose our interest rate that we locked in at.  So stressed about this whole situation.  If we don't close mid October, who knows when we will because we have our wedding the first week of November and then a two week long honeymoon.


  1. I don't remember when we got our official letter, but it wasn't too far ahead of the closing. Maybe 2 weeks? So there is still hope for a mid-oct closing. They can accomplish a LOT in 3 weeks, and you've been through so much, I hope that your PM will work extra hard to get your home finished, inspected and ready to go for you before the wedding.

    As for the interest rate, it might actually work to your advantage. 1 - its RYAN Homes' fault that your 60-day lock will go over. NVR and Ryan homes are associated companies; they can work it out and make sure that your rate doesn't go up. Rates have gone down some too over the past couple months, so you might find yourself with a lower rate, which would be a nice bonus.

  2. good luck! Have you informed RH/NVR if they can't make their estimated closing date that you could be honeymooning instead of closing?

  3. My husband and I just signed the purchase agreement for a Rosecliff to be built in Pittsburgh, Pa a little over a week ago. We just got mortgage paperwork and the interest rate has already dropped .25% from when we signed the purchase agreement. Ravenna Ranter is right, this may work to your advantage. Nice to meet you and glad there is someone else blogging about the Rosecliff!