Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Better Now

So I decided to remove my recent post.  Initially, it was very frustrating to hear the news that we would be closing 3 months after the original settlement date.  We had to request and get approval on a late closing in September in order for us to even buy the home.  So, I'm sure some of you can imagine my frustration.  Days have gone by and I've calmed down.  We are going through with this and we're going to remain positive.  However, we are getting our own Home Inspector and we are getting a Mold Certification.  Apparently they put the hardwoods in the dining room on Saturday, we were locked out on Monday morning when we tried to see the house, and I'm pretty sure the sales office was closed.  Hopefully our appliances are in.  Who knows, maybe the power company will be able to get to us sooner than later and we will close earlier than we think.  I'm just still not really into the idea of moving 2 weeks before the wedding.  We have a lot of appointments and little odds and ends scheduled for those weekends, so it'll be extremely tough to move then.  Thanks for the support!


  1. I'm really glad you're back on track. Sounds like you took a deep breath and take things on. The inspector sounds like a great idea.

    Something very similar happened to the 1st couple moving into our community. They were the first house to be built, so they had all kinds of permit and weather related delays. They settled on a Tuesday (I think) and got married the following Saturday. I haven't spoke with them since but I think they survived :)

    I've noted that the actually date of closing is more about when the bank can do it rather than the house being 'ready'. Our house will be 'ready' for 4-business days before we close on it.

    Best luck. Glad you're hanging in there.

  2. I'm glad you're getting your own inspector and mold certification. =) I know your frustrated. *hugs* It does sound like things are under control once again. I hope they stay way! ;)

  3. So glad to hear you took a deep breath and are moving forward again...if it's any consolation, shortly after you settle you will have a lovely wedding and then can take a nice relaxing honeymoon knowing that you will return to a beautiful new HOME that you will already be moved in to!!!