Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Feeling a little annoyed, so I just need to vent.  We were originally told that our house was supposed to be done in mid July.  That was fine with us, but only if we could close mid September.  They let us extend the closing date to seal the deal.  Perfect.  Well, when we went for our pre-drywall, our PM told us (mid July came and went) that they were looking around August 22nd for the house to be complete.  Okay, that's a month later than expected, that's still fine, because we still want to move in by Sept. 16th.  This will not be a problem per the PM at our pre-drywall meeting.  Well, it's now August 31st, and we have absolutely no idea when the house is going to actually be complete.  We still do not have electric, the deck is not complete, the lawn, the landscaping, they need to fix a chipped piece of concrete on the garage floor, the driveway needs to be done, we do not have our appliances yet, they still need to recarpet the basement that got flooded, put hardwood in the dining room, there is a cracked window in the master bedroom, and the phone lines still need to be done.  The electric isn't even coming until next week.  We don't even have a settlement letter letting us know what day we are closing, and if we are closing on Sept. 16th (like the PM says they are shooting for), when are we going to get that?  It just seems unfair to us because we need to coordinate our work schedules to get a day off for closing, and we need to rent a truck for moving our stuff.  It's two weeks away, and I feel like we've been forgotten about.  Did anybody else feel like this?  How in the world are they going to get all of the things done that they need to finish before Sept. 16th?  And, shouldn't we have our letter by now if they were honestly that confident in reaching that goal?  It really just amazes me that their first anticipated closing date was mid July, and now all of a sudden they are shooting for OUR intended closing date.  What about the other houses in our unit of townhouses?  It's just really, really annoying and we have a lot going on.  If they can't get this done by Sept. 16th, the time between closing and the wedding will just keep on shrinking and we'll both officially be "insane".


  1. Mind you, we still have to set up appointments for cable, internet, and phone. I'm not really happy right now.

  2. I can definitely understand you being upset. While I think they could scramble and get all the work done on time the more concerning item is that you have not gotten your settlement letter yet. We are settling on the 22nd and our letter was mailed to us on the 19th of August. I would contact your sales rep to find out what is going on with your settlement date and your PM to find out what is going on with the remaining work.

  3. I dont blame you one bit. Everytime we ask for dates (mind you we have framing done, windows in and roof started but DONT have a pre-drywall date!) we get the run around..."oh well it all depends on weather" OK I get it...Its Fl; Hurricane season...but please don't use that for every excuse! We have 2 small children we need to get daycare for AND work at Disney, so time off is hard to get when your open 24/7/365!

    What has taken them 2 months bast the original close date?? I don't know anything about building a townhouse but that seems excessive. Did they break ground late?

    Hang in there hun....its AMAZING how much work they can get done in a few short days!

  4. BD - that is my biggest concern at this point. How come everybody else received their letter in advance and we are supposedly closing on 9/16 and we still don't have a letter? Personally, I really believe that that's just not fair. As if we don't have to set up anything on our end. There have been some people on the blogs that have started their single family homes after we started our townhouse and they are already closing. Something just doesn't seem right. I also saw another blog that said they had water damage to their house and Ryan Homes is doing a Mold Certification for them. We were never offered that and we had drywall, insulation, and even carpeting. I honestly just feel like they are not treating us the same way I've seen some other buyers in other states being treated (the right way). All I know is, it's a good thing they don't give that survey of theirs out to homeowners until they close, because things sure do change.

    New Build Noob - I know how fast they can get things done, but I am mostly annoyed at the letter. It just really got to me this morning when I was sitting at my desk thinking I still have to pack, rent a truck, take off of work on WHATEVER day they need me there, set up cable, internet, and tv, etc. It's just not right.

  5. I would say at this point, you are not closing on the 16th. We also got our letter about a month ahead of our closing date.
    I agree with BD, call your PM and your Rep and find out what's going on.
    I'm so sorry hon. *hugs*

  6. I agree Noey. We are calling today. :(

  7. Regarding when to call for utilities and cable etc... I recommend waiting until the final credit verification is run by the mortgage company (We're using NVR, settlement on 9/14, final verification on 9/5). Reason I say this is because utility / cable / internet companies often run a credit check or inquiry.

    I'm playing it extra safe, not sure what your situation is. Good luck.

    What state are you in?